Lee Milverton
Hey there! I’m Lee Milverton — an art director and graphic designer with 11 years of experience working with teams, connecting design to business, and turning great ideas into reality.


About Lee


Lee Milverton is an art director, senior designer, and creative adviser living and working in Adelaide, Australia. He brings a unique blend of local and international experience including nine years of working as a creative professional in USA and across a global network. In his career, he has worked extensively in communications, public affairs, public relations, and marketing, and strategy to design thinking, idea generation to implementation.

Lee understands the importance of connecting design to business metrics, and believes in brand authenticity and the creative process — not just the end result. He has worked alongside Fortune 500 industry experts, government officials, and executive leadership to develop and implement designs that help simplify complex issues and find meaningful solutions.

Always eager for a challenge, Lee is an enthusiastic and positive team member who is ready to listen, inspire, and mentor fellow creatives.

Organisations I have DESIGNED FOR:

Fun Facts About LEE: 

  1. Lee auditioned for a music degree at university, changed course to study civil environmental engineering, and then finally found his calling in design.

  2. He’s a first time dad to a handsome little chap named Kai.

  3. His three favourite foods are ramen, tacos and pizza.

  4. 'Forest' was Lee’s nickname growing up for two reasons. He loved to run — even to school — and also loved Amazon rainforests.

  5. Despite designing hundreds of proposals and presentations, Lee is still not a fan of PowerPoint, and absolutely detests Word.

  6. He was once locked out of a classroom by a group of three year olds while teaching English in Japan.

  7. He stills dream of being in a rock band and maybe, just maybe, that dream will come true…

  8. Lee is a big fan of Stefan Sagmeister — love the way he uses type to tell stories.

  9. His favourite movies are The Truman Show and Avatar, despite Papyrus!

  10. Lee’s proudest childhood moment is getting his picture in the paper after his local tennis club won several junior tennis championships in one year.